25th Anniversary!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So this is pretty similar to a previous post except for the colors and occasion. 

It was my BF's parent's 25th wedding anniversary and I was asked to make the cake with purple and silver accents. 

I started by making some purple fondant flowers and dusting them with silver luster dust. Perty! 

And I found this really pretty and simple topper (silver!) and surrounded it with more flowers and leaves. 

So it's quite pretty isn't it? Well I'm not done yet!

I tinted the cake purple too! Too cute! 

Love it! 


Anonymous said...

Yes it was absolutely gorgeous,& the purple cake well that was just over the top! Great having your own family Sandy Stewart! Thank you again for your time & efort to make our day that much more special.

Anonymous said...

Look awesome as usual!


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