Chocolate Shells

Monday, May 30, 2011

 I love chocolate shells filled with just about anything. In fact, where I work sells really small ones made for cream liquors that people buy up around the holidays. 

A few months ago my Gram gave me these two Wilton silicone flower cupcake molds. I put them in my pantry and thought that I'd make some flower cupcakes when summer was here. Well, I came across them while cleaning and thought... chocolate shells! Duh!

It's easy. In a glass bowl or double boiler, melt some chocolate. I used dark chocolate ;)

Scoop some melted chocolate into each mold. I guessed the amount and added some more to cups that didn't seem full enough.

I held the mold and tilted the chocolate around and around and around and around.... you get the point. I did it until the chocolate barely moved anymore. I put the mold in the fridge to set.

Then ta da! They popped out of the silicone mold very easily. A little cracking at the tops of the shells but you can cover that with your filler...

I made two types... a mud cup and chocolate with strawberries.

Both used a fudge chocolate pudding from a box.

For mud cups you use crushed Oreo ( I found peanut butter Oreos... aside from being delicious they looked more like dirt!) and a gummie worm.

And for the second kind I just topped the pudding with slices of strawberries.


I kept them refrigerated but before you serve them you should take them out to come a little to room temp. It makes eating the chocolate shell easier.


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