Homemade Vanilla Extract

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So I was thinking about something cute to make to give as gifts this holiday season. I know it's early but I'm really excited!!!

So I found a few cute ideas and this was one of them... Homemade Vanilla Extract! Who doesn't use vanilla extract?

First I ordered some vanilla beans from Vanilla Saffron Imports and some glass bottles from Specialty Bottle Supply. I'm no expert on either of these things but I think I got a deal. I ordered 1/2 pound of Tahitian Vanilla Beans for around $15 and 8 ounce glass bottles with screw on cap for $1.08 each.

Oh, and don't forget the vodka.


a fifth of vodka
15 vanilla beans
5 - 8 ounce jars with lids
3 months time

Doing some research online it seemed the consensus was that it should be three vanilla beans to each 8 ounces of vodka. So start by putting three vanilla beans into each jar. Then, carefully top off with vodka.

Screw the caps on tightly and enjoy how simple that was.

Now the time consuming part. Put the bottles in a cool dark place like a closet. You will need to shake the bottles every week for three months or so.

This is how my bottle looks after three weeks.

After three months they will be ready to go. I also read somewhere that you can top off the bottle with more vodka and continue to use the beans to make more vanilla extract. I'm sure how long they will last for but I sure like reusing.

Anyway, the 1/2 pound of vanilla beans I used was more than I needed so stay posted for another holiday gift from the kitchen I will be making here shortly. I got the jars for the next project at the same website too! Man do I feel crafty!


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