Easter Treats!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The night before Easter I am covered in powdered sugar and food dye. I have crisco smeared across the counter and enough dishes to terrify the most efficient dish washer. It has been a good night. 

Now, not everything is done for tomorrow but I wanted to show you some things I made last year, since I wasn't a blogger yet. 

A few years ago, my mom got me a great cake pan from Williams and Sonoma. Check it out below. And yes, those are fruity pebbles in the pan... 


I found these at Meijer last year but I couldn't find them this year. Bummer. They were delicious. Like a sugar buzz in a bowl!

I made, essentially, a giant rice krispie treat out of cupcake pebbles and pressed it into the bunny pan.
Add a little frosting to put the bunny together and voila! A bunny centerpiece... that you can eat!

Aww, cute little  bunny!

I can be a little crafty too! Me, plastic easter eggs and a hot glue gun. It got messy. And someone, I won't name who, got a burn or three but... cute door wreath right!?

But my favorite of all time... the bunny cake. Using the same pan as above, I made a red velvet bunny, coconut grass and decorated it all with vanilla frosting and easter candy!

Unfortunately, it was not a good year for the bunny! Off with his head!!!!

Another bunny... from another year...

And yes, the red velvet cake is on purpose. It's funny. :)

So, the bunny will be making another appearance this year. It'll be his first time at my dad's house. He was on hiatus last year. I have a few other treats under my belt this year so stay tuned!

And happy Easter!


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