Anniversary Cake and Frosting Images

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I had the honor of making a 25th wedding anniversary cake for a coworker of mine. It was a surprise too so it was that much better!

I'be always liked images on cakes. Yes, it's kinda cheesy but who doesn't love eating someone's eye, nose or ear? The kids especially always want a "part" of someone!

So I got a hold of this beautiful pic from their wedding album, very sneaky like, and took it in to have a rice paper made. When I got there the clerk told me they make the images on a "fondant type frosting" sheet that has much better resolution than rice paper.

Of course I went with the frosting sheet and it was beautiful! (I apologize for the pics I have posted. At the time they didn't seem to dark, then again it was 11pm!) Until I had to put it on the cake... it was almost stretchy when I removed it from the sheet it was adhered to. It gave me a panic attack and tore just between their heads. Luckly that part was black and any little white that showed through I tapped with a toothpick dipped in black food coloring.

Crisis averted.

Anyway, I'll have to research how to better apply this type of decoration because it really was beautiful. Just like the couple!!

Happy Anniversary Dan and Vikki! 


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