Cookies and Cakes OH MY!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The other weekend I had a baking blitz!! I wanted to make some cookies for my little brother's baseball team... which turned into trying a few other cookie shapes. Then my stepmom called and asked if I could bring a cake to the event to celebrate the team and grandpa's birthday... sure! More baking!

First I want to share one of my fav cookie books...

It has cute ideas and great tips and quick and easy decorating methods... Plus... they have a website The Decorated Cookie. Check it out! 

So first, baseball cookies... 

I took half baseballs and half trophies with their name on it... since they did come in first place in the regular season!! 

Then the cake was a must... can't show up without cake!

The color didn't come out great in this photo... the red is a lot more red and the green is... greener! Anyway, it was yellow cake with vanilla frosting. Some simple candles (since it was really hard to write on the grass! I did try though!)

Then the extras. I had some extra dough so I thought I'd play with some ideas... here are the ones I liked!

4th of July is coming!

Pretty summer flowers! 

These were too cute but I couldn't get my green more lime like... 

Now that my hand had recovered from all the decorating and piping... I need to get a few more vibrant colors... I like the black piping on the cookies but I don't like the white on the flowers. Next time I'll outline in the same color as the cookie will be. 

And as always... I need better lighting in my apartment!!!!!! 


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