A New Cooking Experience

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm pretty excited. Some awesome things have been happening here and to celebrate I wanted to get something for my BF... and myself too ;) We bought a grill!! I don't think I've ever grilled. I've eaten grilled food and watched people grill but I don't think I've done it myself.

So, after four or five stores, many phone calls and driving around for a few hours... we had found the grill we wanted... and nobody had it in stock! Rats! So we just gave up and ordered it and I'll pick it up when it comes in!!

You like?

Since we have such a small patio to put it on this is the perfect size. Each side flap (yes that's a technical term) folds down which I like and it's gas/infrared which he likes (and I don't understand in the least). We SHOULD get it tomorrow and he will probably put it together on Saturday... so grilling should be blogged sometime soon after that!! 

Any suggestions on what to make??? 


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